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Heaven on Rib Form


We will have some of the top rib cooks from across Canada participating in Freddy Beach Rib Fest. These guys run a 35 feet long rib production machine designed for maximum food enjoyment. Make sure to try them all and give your voice to who makes the best ribs. You don't get this kind of variety anywhere else! 

Texas Rangers

Originally from Motley County Texas our bbq team has covered thousands of miles winning competitions and perfecting our Pork and Beef Ribs! Our ribs prepared with a sweet dry rub and are smoked over fruitwood "Slow and Low"! And for those who like bbq sauce, we also have a sweet heat sauce.... Come and try us out y'all won't regret it.

Crabby's BBQ Shack

After 20 years in business and a long-standing track record of award-winning bbq, Crabby's has proven to be one of the best on the grill, from the east coast to the west. We have built our recipes using research and development, and the use of natural wood while cooked over an open flame - the good old fashioned way. 

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Billy Bones

Billy Bones BBQ sauces have won over 250 awards with plus fifty first-place finishes. Billy bones BBQ offers BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, hot sauces, competition dry rubs for ribs and pork, chicken and more! Billy’s BBQ products are original, tangy with a hot smoky bite, mild is the same flavour without the bite.

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